Annual Motorcycle Rally

Annual Motorcycle Rally

In 2012 a group of motorcycles rumbled up the Sunshine Coast all the way to Lund BC for our first annual Lunch in Lund.

This event is open to all riders of all experience levels from all walks of life. You don't just have to be a CLA'er to join in on this ride. Just remember to ride at your own pace and comfort.

Cruiser or Sport-bike, plan to ride to a destination and connect over some good food, then ride back.

Plan to join us next year as we get some of guys together for a trip to the annual Vancouver International Motorcycle Show happening at the Tradex in Abbotsford.

My Bike

My love of motorcycles began before I could drive a car. My first experience was with a glorified bicycle known as a Moped while visiting India. With a pedal start and a top speed of around 43 kph it was clearly a humble beginning, but I was hooked.

I currently own a Honda RC-51. I am becoming a better rider every season I get seat time on it.

I am always open to get out for a good ride, so if you enjoy motorcycles and need to go for a coffee let me know... Pastor Jaz