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Dear CLA Church family,

We want you to know we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation.  We are in communication  with our PAOC partnership Directors and the BC Medical Advisory Board to be alerted to all updates and warnings as they come.
The risk remains very low in our area. At this point, if you’re healthy, by all means you are welcome to come and participate in our worship gatherings!  If at any time we cancel a Sunday or small group gathering, we will do our best to let everyone know through email/facebook/website.  Due to this, we ask that you check in on your email updates/facebook/website on a regular basis if possible.  You're welcome to call our office if you have any concerns.  

We also want you to feel confident and safe when you come, which involves all of us working together.
We are not a fearful people; God has not called us to live in fear and He is always BIGGER than our problems. We’re praying for His grace and mercy around the globe and for the Spirit’s work in our local community. Above all we want to look outside ourselves and discern ways we can show love and serve others in this time and exercise caution when needed as we do realize the virus may be a substantial risk for our elderly or those with compromised immune systems.  
But here are some practical things we can do to increase our confidence as we gather together:
1) If you’re sick or feel flu-like symptoms, please stay home out of concern for others.  We value our staff, leaders, volunteers, and church family and ask that you also consider their health as they serve/ participate.
2) For now, avoid/refrain from handshakes, hugs, and close contact.  You can still say a warm Hello! We’ve instructed our greeters on this temporary measure.
3) Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer stations when possible, located in our washrooms and main exit.
4) We’re taking extra precautions such as wiping down all doorknobs, handles, and high traffic areas (we already do this, we’re just doing it more now!)
If the situation changes or we make more decisions, we will let you know via email, Facebook, and our website. We are listening very closely to our provincial and local health authorities.

As for the annual Joint Good Friday Worship Service approaching April 10, we will continue to be in discussion with our fellow pastors and staff as we moniter the situation.  Full notification will be sent out to multiple churches in the event that the serivce is cancelled.  Thank you for patiently understanding! 


-CLA Staff