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Update on a new Christian School on the Sunshine Coast.

Christ the King church is spearheading this new Christian School and wanted to provide an update on how the process is going.


We wanted to provide you with an update on the process to keep you informed and ask that you would join us in praying through this process.

At the end of July we submitted the Expression of Interest to the Ministry of Education to launch an independent school on the Sunshine Coast. We are excited to report that as of last week we have now been invited into the application process.

There is still lots of work ahead and at this point we are unable to provide you with concrete answers to questions you may have but our intention is to try to keep you informed on the process. As you think of questions for us please make note of them so that we can address them at a later date. We are hoping to invite you to an open house later this year or early in the new year.

A few things we can communicate:

We are aiming to launch September 2024
The initial campus will be in Gibsons.
We are preparing at a minimum to provide schooling for grades K-3.
The school has a name – Harbour Christian Academy
We are planning the school to be in the Classical Christian education model.

As we prepare our application one of the items the Ministry of Education asks us to forecast is the number of students we expect. As of this update we are unable to forecast tuition costs but in the future weeks to come we will reach out once again with some more info and request that you share with us a reasonable expression of your commitment to enrol students. We would not lock you into any commitment, the primary objective of the request is forecasting enrolment for the application to the ministry.

That’s all for now. We look forward to having you join us in the future for an open house and we will try to provide some further updates throughout the process.

Two items you can pray for:

Application Process
Hiring process – staff, teachers, principle, administrator

If you are aware of other families that may be interested in learning more please feel free to pass on this info and we can add them to the email list if they send a reply to:

Thanks for you prayers, we look forward to meeting you soon,

Steering Committee

Harbour Christian Academy