We believe that church should be a safe place for kids!

One of the most important responsibilities that all church leaders have is to protect the people in their care from abuse, particularly those who are most vulnerable, our children. This moral and ethical responsibility is augmented by the requirement of insures, requiring that churches have in place an approved abuse prevention policy as a prerequisite for liability insurance. All churches regardless of size are a potential target for people who seek to abuse children and must take proactive action.

 Plan To Protect® is a policy that all churches can implement to protect children (persons under the age of 18) from abuse and church volunteers, staff and boards from accusations. Plan To Protect® is a model child abuse prevention program distributed in partnership with Winning Kids Inc. It is endorsed and recommended by the major church insurer in Canada and is one of the cornerstones of a safe and effective ministry to children and youth. Plan To Protect® is a model that will save you a lot of legwork, and typing compared to developing your own framework and policy manual from the ground up. Properly done, it will protect you, your kids, your volunteers, your staff, your church and it’s reputation and overall ministry effectiveness of the fellowship and the church universal.

Our ministry leaders are regularly required to attend a Plan To Protect seminar at CLA.

If you are interested in helping out with kids ministry (or other ministry) please give us a call to find out when the next Plan To Protect seminar is happening.

about Plan To Protect

Winning Kids Inc. is the STANDARD of abuse prevention and child and youth protection for  organizations.  Our customized tools, training, policies and procedures help leaders and their organizations meet that standard of protection. With the help of our members and clients we continue to build our databank of best practices on risk management.

Our best-selling publication, Plan To Protect® (first written in 1996), is a manual for those that work with children and youth. Our Canadian products have been written and developed within a Canadian context and are continually being updated. We are now expanding into the United States and will soon be launching Plan To Protect® U.S.A. in consultation with our U.S. partners.

Visit winningkidsinc.ca for more information.